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"The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge."

-Bertrand Russell

This is Cognitive Revolution, my podcast in which I talk to scientists, thinkers, and creators about the personal side of their intellectual journeys.


I created this show because it's all too easy to see the successes of great scientists, creatives, and thinkers as unattainable. But that's because we only see the outcome, not the process. Cognitive Revolution is a show about the steps these great minds took to get to the top. 

In each episode, I'll talk to a leading scientist, creative, or thinker about the moves they made earlier in their career and how those moves played out as their careers progressed. We'll dig deep into both the step by step of their process as well as how initial failures and successes affected them on a personal level. My hope is that seeing this side of the people who we look up to will inspire us along our own journeys.

Available anywhere you listen to podcasts. Including: Spotify, iTunes, etc.