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#20: Julia Shaw on Who We Are and Why It Matters

This is probably the most interesting interview I've done on Cognitive Revolution to date (sorry, Paul Bloom). To call Dr Julia Shaw by her title of psychological scientist at University College London is to severely underestimate the breadth of her mind. She is the kind of scholar who could accurately be described as "complete." It's not that she knows everything. But nothing is outside of the bounds of her interests or capability for engagement. It's a very inspiring thing to see. In this episode, we talk about -- what else? -- the Coronavirus pandemic, but also: lockdown reading lists, how Julia's troubled family history influenced her interest in psychology, overcoming toxic grad school environments, whether it's possible to appreciate great art from terrible people, whether heterosexuality exists, and a host of other far flung topics.

You can follow Dr Julia Shaw on Twitter @drjuliashaw and on her website You can also check out her books: the Memory Illusion, and Making Evil.

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