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#63: Jay Van Bavel on the Power of Us

Jay Van Bavel is the closest thing social psychology has to a rock star. His official title is Associate Professor of Psychology and Neural Science at New York University, and both he and his work are much beloved by young psychologists everywhere. His lab studies intergroup neuroscience, and I've found much of his research incredibly inspiring throughout the years. He's popular on Twitter, where you can follow him @JayVanBavel. In an effort to bless the world with more stellar social psychological content, Jay has published a book. It is called THE POWER OF US, and it's officially available for the reading public! Co-authored with his colleague and friend, Dominic Packer of Lehigh University, it's a perfect book for anyone who would like a state of the union on what we know about intergroup psychology and how we can leverage those insights to improve society. You can also follow Jay and Dominic on their Substack newsletter: Between the book, Twitter, and the newsletter, you'll finally be receiving the daily recommended dose of JVB that your doctor has been hounding you about for so long.

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