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My Academic Work


My current interests have to do with intergroup theory of mind. How do we make sense of the behavior of people who are different than ourselves? When are we willing to put in effort to understand the perspectives of an out-group member?

~~~ Oxford ~~~

Kommers, C. (2020). The Intuitive Anthropologist: Why “Intuitive Psychology” Falls Short for Making Sense of Those Who Are Different. PsyArXiv.


~~~ Harvard ~~~


Gershman, S. J., Zhou, J., & Kommers, C. (2017). Imaginative reinforcement learning: Computational principles and neural mechanisms. Journal of cognitive neuroscience, 29(12), 2103-2113.

~~~ UCLA ~~~

Kommers, C. (2015). Computational Models of Jazz Improvisation Inspired by Language. Thesis.

Kommers, C., Ustun, V., Demski, A., & Rosenbloom, P. S. (2015). Hierarchical Reasoning with Distributed Vector Representations. In Proceedings of Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.

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