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"The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge."

-Bertrand Russell


Making sense of those who are different

“It is important to learn not to be angry with opinions different from your own, but to set to work understanding how they come about. If, after you understand them, they still seem false, you can combat them much more effectually than if you had continued to be merely horrified.”

-Bertrand Russell

Introduction. The Poughkeepsie Convention.

Part 1: Perspective

Chapter 1. Once in the Kula.

Chapter 2. The Uncle Tom Effect. 

Chapter 3. The Map of Eratosthenes.

Chapter 4. A Natural History of Empathy. 

Part 2: Context

Chapter 5. The Forest Fire Problem. 

Chapter 6. As with a Harvest. 

Chapter 7. The Lesson of Labov. 

Chapter 8. America.


*Everything here is a draft