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Hi, I'm Cody.

I'm originally from Seattle, WA. I currently live in London with my partner, Haily, and our dog, Zora. I've been in England since 2019 and have also lived in Los Angeles, Boston, and Brussels. I'm a cognitive scientist by training. I also write about psychological topics for a general audience. Before I wanted to be a cognitive scientist, I wanted to be a jazz musician.

My training is in computational cognitive science and social psychology. I'm interested in what AI and computational models can teach us about the human mind, and what our understanding of the human can teach us about how to build and deploy AI. I currently work as an Applied Behavioural Scientist at Social Machines. I am building a research program around using LLMs to model human meaning and social interaction in ways that couldn't be done using previous generations of modeling. CV.


Ph.D., Experimental Psychology

2019 - 2022

University of Oxford (Jesus College)

Dissertation: Whom? The effect of target agent of motivation to help, hurt, or understand.

PIs: Matthew Apps, Geoff Bird

B.S., Cognitive Science

2011 - 2015

Univ. of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Honors Thesis: Computational models of jazz improvisation inspired by language.

PIs: Jesse Rissman, Alan Yuille


Applied Behavioural Scientist

2023 - Present

Social Machines Ltd

I currently work at an applied research firm which specializes in how to apply insights from basic research in real-world settings. One project I'm leading looks at how to use cognitive biases to deter cyber attackers. I'm also leading the company's effort in the AI space.

Lab Manager

2016 - 2018

Research Assistant

Spring 2016

Harvard University

Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab.

PI: Samuel Gershman.

Université Libre de Bruxelles

Consciousness, Cognition, & Computation Lab.

PI: Axel Cleeremans.

Research Assistant

Summer 2014

USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Cognitive Architecture & Artificial Intelligence Lab.

PI: Paul Rosenbloom.

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